Pirate Code


Super fun naval battles with pirates


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Pirate Code is a 3D action game that lets you participate in super fun naval battles against other players online. Each ship is equipped with canons, torpedoes and even magic shields.

The left virtual stick lets you move your ship through the setting and the two buttons to the right of the screen lets you use the canons and the torpedoes. To use the torpedoes, you also have to guide them using your right thumb.

The battles in Pirate Code are usually five against five. The objective is always the same: conquer the main area of the map. To do so, you have to remain alive for as long as you can, while you get rid of your rivals.

When you start playing you’ll only have one ship and one captain available to you but you can unlock many more. There are more than a dozen different ships and captains, each one with their own unique skills and features.

Pirate Code is a great multiplayer action game that offers a really unique gameplay and amazing visuals.

Android 4.1 or greater is required

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